About Us

"gneiss" noun  /naɪs/ (pronounced Nice)


a banded or foliated metamorphic rock,usually of the same composition as granite.  Other sources claim the root ‘gneiss’ to be an old Saxon mining term that seems to have meant decayed, rotten or possibly worthless, discarded or 'tossed away' material.

While most people see driftwood on the beach as discarded, lost, or even litter, Adam hears a story.  He wonders about where the wood came from and its journey onward. Adam is an Oakland-based artist with a love for breathing new life and energy into old wooden materials that have washed ashore Northern California beaches.

Adam’s original work is inspired by things that open the heart–nature, poetry, mindfulness, and love. He also encourages custom designs, and is happy to help your creative idea manifest into a personal and unique piece of art.

All of Adam’s pieces are one of a kind, and made locally with sustainable materials that he finds while climbing, hiking and surfing in areas surrounding the San Francisco Bay.

We hope that Gneiss Wood can provide you with your next gift for a loved one, wall art, mantel or altar piece, or personal treasure. Feel free to contact Adam with any questions and have a delightful day!


All ideas are welcome!

We can etch your favorite quote, or poem, or song into a delightful old piece of found wood from the beaches in California. Or I can also take any older wooden objects you may have such as curio shelves, spoons, cutting boards, tool handles etc and personalize them with a sweet, or funny message to a friend or loved one..

We can also burn leather very well. I can cut shapes and etch patterns. I am involved with a few local leather workers on projects in making fine hand crafted leather shoes, to belts, to cuffs, to simple leather tags for your design label.

If you are planning a wedding or party that wood benefit from a delightful sign with the couples names on it, to cute custom driftwood seat place holders, to a rustic plaque with wedding vows burned into the weathered wood.